Fannie Nampeyo (1900-1987)

Fannie Nampeyo was the daughter of the "Nampeyo" of the Hopi Pueblo in Arizona. Nampeyo (1860-1930) is credited with creating the soft sun-tone orange firing process for her pottery. This firing process requires great care in managing the oxidation of the slip-designed clay. Perfection in firing is achieved when the finished piece is a uniform orangish tone.

Fannie expanded on the work of her mother, making collector quality pottery that she exhibited and sold at many Indian Art Shows throughout the Southwest. Her daughters and granddaughters have also pursued the Nampeyo style, as well as have other descendants of Nampeyo.

One may learn much about the Nampeyos by reading Barbara Kramer's masterpiece: Nampeyo and Her Pottery, University of New Mexico Press (1996).

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