Haungoah/Haungooah (deceased)

Art and Martha Cody were a newly-married couple when they introduced their incised miniatures to the world of collectors. Art Cody was a Kiowa Indian from Oklahoma and moved to the Santa Clara Pueblo two years after marrying Martha Suazo in 1969. Almost immediately they captured first prizes and collectors with their innovative and artistic pottery.

With their early works, they signed their pottery as "Haungoah;" but later they changed the spelling to "Haungooah."
Haungooah was the name of Art's grandfather Silverhorn, a U.S. Army scout in the 19th century.

The pottery of Art and Martha lasted only a few years. Martha died of an illness while still very young. Art continued working from his Santa Clara home; but he was killed in an accident only a few years after Martha's death. Their fine pieces of incised pottery can still be found in some Indian shops.

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